Execution Rocks Island is a small man made island in the middle of the Long Island Sound that was built in 1849. The island housed a permanent lightkeeper until 1979 when the lighthouse was automated. It was left abandoned until it was excessed by the Department of the Interior. That’s where we come in.

In 2010, The United States of America generously donated Execution Rocks Island to Historically Significant Structures for preservation and public use through the National Historic Lighthouse Preservation Act and the National Park Service.

We are a nonprofit organization who’s aim is to restore, renovate, preserve and operate Execution Rocks Lighthouse, NY,which is part of our heritage and nation’s treasures. Previously closed to the public, the island is now open for tours and overnight stays!

Here, you can reserve your spot on our summer tours, reserve a room overnight, order souvenirs, see the island up close and contact us about supporting this massive historical restoration project.

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